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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Good News

I am so happy today, Andy has had his last hospital appointment today and everything is as it should be, after a horrid 8 months he can start getting his life back together again. (Still can't do the hoovering though). So no more 140 mile round trips to the hospital.
I have put a couple of tag cards on as this style is what I will be demonstrating next Thursday. These can be made easily but look effective.
I also had the unfortunate task of having to make a sympathy card for my Mum in Law. The subject matter is always the most difficult part to do I think but I was quite pleased with the result.I have a christian text stamp that I stamped and embossed in gold and then just used a small decoupaged lily for the embellishment.
I apologise for you not being able to enlarge the images. I am working on this but not getting very far. I will persevere though and hopefully it shouldn't be too long before you can see the pictures better.

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